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"Yamaha with You"

We believe in a world where anybody can create music. Supported by many partners, Y2 PROJECT has been aiming to lower the threshold for creating music. Six years have passed, and along with the changing times we have been passing several stages.

First Stage: Recognition; You and Yamaha
There was a wide gap between musical instruments and IT when we started this project. People were just beginning to use the terms "Web2.0" and "Cloud," and feature phones were still dominant. During this time we began making proposals trying to make our activities recognizable to you, and as a result we were able to build relationships with many cutting-edge IT startup companies.

Second Stage: Acquaintance; Yamaha meets You
As we entered the smartphone era we began running on-line applications, sometimes with our partners. In order to meet more people we took part in many events as host, co-sponsor, and participant. We also met many people from the media. In terms of technology incubation, it was a time when we spent effort on new approaches using VOCALOID(TM) to lower the threshold for creating music.

And now the third stage: Co-Creation; Yamaha with You
Innovation, service design, the Maker movement; methods to create value are changing. From now on, we need to realize a true co-creation which includes these methods.

Y2 PROJECT is not the name of a certain organization. It is a collaboration of people who emphasize with the spirit of creating new value together. Regardless of who you are or where you belong, whether you are a corporate person or an individual person, if you emphasize with what we do, you too are now a member of Y2 PROJECT. Let's work together to make a world where anybody can create music.

Motoichi Tamura
Research and Development Division
Yamaha Corporation

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