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Automatic video/audio Sync

Technology to automatically synchronize multiple videos

Whatever you are shooting, it is better to have multiple angles than only one angle to make a better looking, informative and powerful video. But synchronizing all the video clips from different recordings perfectly is a painful task. Here is technology that can help you out.

Technology to automatically synchronize multiple videos

Let's take a closer look

When not synchronized:
When you play videos that were recorded separately, the sounds and images are not in sync. If you look at the movement of the hands, fingers, and heads, none of them are synchronized. When you edit video clips without synchronizing them the music could be disconnected or sometimes sound and images will not be in sync.

When synchronized:
The timing of all the videos is perfectly matched. If you look at the movement of the hands, fingers and heads, you can see that they are perfectly in sync. Now you can edit as you wish. Wherever you cut, all the videos will still be in sync.

Once synchronized, you can use whichever content you like. For example, you can use the recording from an audio recorder for the sound track to make a music video with good sound quality.

How does it work?

When videos are shot at the same time and same place, all of the videos will have some of the same sound recorded in those videos, even if it's just a little bit. By searching for that same sound, it is possible to synchronize the timing of the videos. This process is highly accurate and done very quickly. Time difference after synchronization is less than 10msec, and it only takes a few seconds to several tens seconds for processing.

Difference in sampling frequency tends to be overlooked, but even a 0.1% difference in sampling frequency can be observable if the length of the video is over 30min. This technology also adjusts for that difference automatically.

Any other uses?

There are many uses. For example, you can make high quality seminar videos the same way as you did for live performance videos. Video is also the best way to capture attention, especially on social media. Sports day, wedding, wherever the situation, there are many occasions where many people shoot videos from different angles at the same time. You can combine and synchronize those videos and make an amazing multi-angle memorable video!

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