Free online vocal recording service --- "hamo★lab"

hamolab_top.jpgAn online music production service that's easy for anyone to use

hamolab is a service that lets you record vocals online. Most of today's music listening services are designed for publishing a completed creation. hamolab is different --- it lets you record accompaniment and vocals on up to six separate tracks. Then the fun begins! You can use this original data to make your own derivative creations, for example by deleting the accompaniment from a song that someone else created and replacing it with your own accompaniment, or by using someone else's skillful accompaniment as a background for recording your own vocal. All of this happens completely within your browser.

hamolab even provides an online pitch-correction tool for those with a good voice but less-than-perfect intonation.

hamolab is an online music production service that's easy for anyone to use.


At present, hamolab is undergoing closed testing in Japanese by users in Japan. (The acceptance of the test user was finished.)