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"Melody Search" --- Technology for finding a song by its melody

Melody Search API

The Melody Search API is MIDI-based melody recognition technology that finds a song based on the monophonic melody you enter. It searches a database of melodies (currently 20,000 songs; to be expanded) to find matching songs, and returns the result. Search is performed incrementally as you play each successive note, gradually reducing the number of candidate songs. Searching will occur even if you start playing the melody from somewhere in the middle of the song, and regardless of the key in which you play it.

Melody Search API provided to "Print Score"

The music score download sales site Print Score (Japanese: "Print Gakufu") operated by Yamaha Music Media Corporation has begun using the Melody Search API which allows users to find the music score they're looking for by playing the melody. If you know the melody but cannot remember the title of the song, you can find the music score simply by playing a melodic phrase that you remember.

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