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Sonote Technology

sonote technology

Sonote Technology is a technology which automatically extracts and categorizes tiny pieces of sounds based on the characteristics of the waveform data. We call these fragment of extracted sound "Sonotes." In addition to waveform data, Sonotes include various characteristic values, and are automatically categorized according to the patterns of their respective characteristics values. It is also possible to perform a search for material that shares similar characteristic values.

For example, the process of sampling sounds during sound production has always been a tedious process because of the need to manually search for and cut sounds you wish to use from an audio file. By using Sonote Technology, you can easily find "breathtaking sounds" out of a large number of audio files, and this allows you to "listen-play-create" music with more pleasure.

Sonote Player

An iphone application to enjoy music even more using the Sonote Technology. The Sonote Player extracts Sonotes from audio loops and captures similar Sonotes from a web server. By replacing the Sonote with similar Sonotes during playback of the audio loops, you can transform the original audio loop little by little and turn them into fresh loops that you like.

* Sonote Player is not yet released at this point in time.

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